Lars Ekman

bass player -arranger - composer


Swedish born, New York based bass player Lars Ekman is an integral part of today's music scene. Mr Ekman, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden spent the first years of his career on the thriving Swedish jazz scene, playing with highly respected European musicians as Magnus Lindgren, Bernt Rosengren and Elisabeth Kontomanou as well as in the successful Nina Ramsby Ludvig Berghe Trio.

To further develop his music, Mr Ekman was fortunate to spend an increasing part of time in New York City towards the end of the decade. Eventually, in early 2013 Ekman found himself permanently living and performing daily in the city's different music venues such as Smalls, 55 Bar, Fat Cat, BB King´s, Iridium, Zinc Bar along with some of the city's top musicians. 


Not only an acoustic bass player, you will also find Mr Ekman playing electric bass in various settings and styles. He has also been writing arrangements for everything from French chansons to modern pop and rock.


Mr Ekman has recorded over 30 albums as a sideman and in 2008 he recorded his debut album Introducing Lars Ekman and released it on Stockholm Jazz Records to critical acclaim. 





Lars has performed at the following venues: Iridium, Smalls, Fat Cat, 55 Bar, BB King's, Zinc Bar, NuBlu (New York City), Wolftrap (Vienna, VA), Sunset/Sunside (Paris), A-Trane (Berlin), Unterfahrt (Munich), Fasching (Stockholm), Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Nasjonal Jazzscene (Oslo), No Black Tie (Kualo Lumpur), Half Note (Athens), Alfie (Tokyo), Royal Horse (Osaka), Thelonius (Santiago)


...and at the following festivals; The Jazz In Sangres Festival (USA), Bridgeport Jazz Expo (USA), JakJazz Festival (Indonesia), Penang Jazz Festival (Malaysia), Santiago Jazz Fest (Chile), Temuco Jazz (Chile), Jazz In der Ministergade (Germany), Umeå International Jazz Festival (Sweden), Stockholm Jazz Festival (Sweden), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark), Maijazz (Norway)


Artist and musicians Ekman has worked with include: Elisabeth Kontomanou, China Moses, Gary Versace, James Hurt, Miles Griffiths, Adam Birnbaum, Quincy Davis, Dayna Stephens, Sean Nowell, Gilad Hekselman, Masuo Yoshiaki, Carlos Abadie, Luca Santaniello, Jacob Melchoir, Jon Davis, Joel Holmes, Donald Kontomanou, André Ceccarelli, Glen Ferris, Alexandre Herer, Thibault Perriard, Magnus Hjort, Snorre Kirk, Mads La Cour, Hayden Powell, Ola Kvernberg, Magnus Lindgren, Jessica Pilnäs, Bernt Rosengren, Fredrik Norén, Jonas Kullhammar, Karl-Martin Almquist, Peter Asplund, Ludvig Berghe, Daniel Fredriksson, and many, many more.








Contact: info (at) larsekman (dot) se

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